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Tervetuloa viikonloppukurssille 1.-2.6.2019 Kuopioon:
Reflections that turn our mind away from the suffering - 
Dharma Teacher Valentin

Reflections that turn our mind away from the suffering

Four reflections that change our outlook and way of relating to life.


Our human life gives us numerous opportunities to look deeper into our existence and learn new ways of relating to ourselves and the world. Not knowing this and hoping that we will live long and always in our present comforts, we follow distractions. Not being convinced that our negative acts harm others and ourselves alike, we lack vigilance in our day-to-day life. Trying to bring together all the outer conditions for happiness, we forget that it lies within our mind and we lack energy for virtue. Having considered this, we might decide to connect to and rely on a spiritual tradition.

Our valuable human existence, impermanence, karma, need for authentic practice and refuge are the themes of this course.

Teachings, discussions, contemplations and guided meditations will inspire, give sense to our lives and deepen our spiritual practice.

Dharma Teacher Valentin:

Valentin Gyurmé was born in 1966 and grew up in Siberia in the family of an engineer and a kindergarten educator. He graduated from university with a degree in French and English. He continued his quest to understand workings of the mind and of the world undertaking a full four-year program at the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in India and four traditional three-year retreats in Kundrol Ling (Le Bost, Auvergne, France). In 2011 he finishes his last three-year retreat and starts to study and teach in different Buddhist centres in France and Europe.

1.-2.6.2019 Four Lecture Course
Saturday 14.00-16.00 and 17.00-19.00
Sunday 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

Course fee: 30€/20€

We have space only for 15 persons - contact us to book your space soon: info@bodhipath.fi

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Tervetuloa viikonloppukurssille 2.-3.2.2019:
Buddhalainen Mielenharjoitus - Acharya Tenzing Wangpo

Elämänpuu Hyvinvointikeskus
La ja su klo 13-15, 16-18 (Ovet aukeaa 12.30.)
Koreankatu 4, 00560 Helsinki (Toukola)

Voit osallistua osaankin päivästä. Opetusten välissä n. tunnin tauko, tarjolla kahvia, teetä ja pientä purtavaa. Ei vaadi aiempaa kokemusta aiheesta.
Opetuskieli on englanti.
Hinta koko viikonlopulle 25 e, yksi päivä 15 e. 

(Opiskelijat ym. maksu oman tilanteen mukaan)

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